the web portal for a real time overview

Just as essential as your ability to react, anticipation is the key to profitable fleet management.


anticiper-maintenance - enThe EFFITRAILER™ web portal makes forward-planning easier by indicating the position and the condition of all your semi-trailers in real time. It helps your teams to stay one step ahead of many situations.

With the EFFITRAILER™ portal, your teams can immediately identify available semi-trailers that are the closest to a customer for greater satisfaction.

Your teams can also monitor  your subcontractors’ activities.
Your maintenance teams can anticipate and choose the best time for maintenance operations.




visualisation-anticiper - enportail-effitrailer - en

The EFFITRAILER™ web portal allows you to see the position of your semi-trailers on a map and provides information about their condition depending on the configured alerts. The advanced selection functions enable your teams to concentrate on dealing with the day’s issues: monitoring a group of vehicles, solving pending alerts. The reports for each group or each semi-trailer provide an overview of your activities.


With the real time EFFITRAILER™ web portal, you have access to your information 24/7, to manage your fleet of semi-trailers more efficiently and more productively.
The functions provided on the real time web portal are:

  • The position of each of your semi-trailers in real time.
  • The condition of your semi-trailers whether waiting or on the road, based on the alerts you configured.
  • The configuration of personalised geographic locations: your sites, your customers’ sites, etc.
  • Reports for each semi-trailer’s journeys: distances, times, distance deadheading, etc.
  • The alert categories that can be set up according to their type, importance, group of vehicles, time period.