The Michelin solutions partners

MICHELIN® solutions selects the best-performing expert-recommended technologies for their expertise and technological innovations:

  • logo accenture


    Accenture provides the infrastructure necessary to perform customer contracts. This includes, for example, establishing contracts, gathering and processing service-related data, invoicing, the Call Centre…

  • Logo Worldline


    Worldline ATOS subsidiary hosts the telematics platform for collecting and processing truck data. Units installed in trucks relay data such as miles driven, fuel consumption, temperature, tyre pressure and geolocation.

  • Logo Tyrecheck


    TyreCheck™ gives vehicle inspection and tyre’s data management tools.

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    Michelin offers a comprehensive range of tyres combining safety, life span, and fuel economy to meet the needs of fleet.

    Michelin® solutions provides its customers with a single point of contact.