Telematics dedicated to semi-trailers with tyre pressure monitoring

EFFITRAILER™ telematics are based on different technologies:

  • Satellite – GPS (Global Positioning System) that provides the exact location of the trailer, wherever it is.
  • Mobile telephony – GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) that relays the data in real time.
  • On-board sensors – TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) that collect pressure and temperature data for each of the tyres, whatever the brand.
  • Vehicles – EBS (Electronic Braking System) that provide usage data for the for the semi-trailers such as mileage, load, braking data, the condition of the braking system.

geolocalisation-enThis set of technologies is what enables EFFITRAILER™ telematics to provide a range of functions that can either be directly leveraged by the fleet or via our logistics analyst:


  • Geolocation of semi-trailers in real time, geofencing and corridoring
  • Customisable EFFITRAILER™ alerts system
  • Mileage of the semi-trailers whatever the tractor unit
  • Mileage when empty and overloaded
  • Wait times on site
  • Real time tyre pressure and temperature readings
  • Number of brake applications and ABS activations and many other options


connection-ESB - enEFFITRAILER™ telematics can be installed and used on all semi-trailers* from any manufacturer and can be used throughout Europe and beyond (*semi-trailers with EBS).

EFFITRAILER™ telematics was designed especially for use on semi-trailers. The unit, the cable harness and the connection systems comply with automobile construction standards:

  • the telematics system can be fitted by operators in your fleet, or qualified technicians certified by EBS system manufacturers, (Knorr Bremse, Haldex, Wabco)
  • the TPMS sensors must be fitted to the rim by Michelin-trained specialists
  • the telematics unit is mounted on the trailer’s chassis


capteur-de-pression - enEFFITRAILER™ telematics guarantees that you have units suited to your needs without having the hassle of supplies, maintenance, software programmes, geographic coverage, or even analysis, since our logistics analysts do it for you, with Michelin-guaranteed reliability.