React with the alerts system.

Reactivity is essential for fleet management today.

EFFITRAILER™ alerts help your operational teams react quickly in order to save money.
Your teams are warned of any unusual situations, and then react to protect the drivers and the cargoes you are responsible for. So your operational teams are never taken unawares.


With the system integrated into EFFITRAILER™, your teams receive personalised alerts that match your business needs:

  • alerte-pression2 - enThe pressure alerts reduce costly tyre repairs, driver down-time and late penalties.
  • The EBS alerts warn you when the semi-trailer is being used abnormally, repeated hard braking for example, that could be detrimental to the safety or quality of the transportation.
  • The geolocation alerts mean there are never any surprises, you know when a semi-trailer has left an area and when it arrives somewhere else. You can automatically alert your customers on-site to the imminent arrival of their cargo. You can also react and warn about late arrivals.
  • The immobilisation alerts tell you whether a semi-trailer has not been used for a long time and where they are located.
  • With the alert categories you can make sure you know how long before a situation goes back to normal. Your Michelin logistics analyst will advise you on this point.


The integrated EFFITRAILER™ alerts system is 100% customisable: your alerts, your thresholds, your POIs, your groups of semi-trailers, your recipients, your choice of how they are sent (text message or email), your frequency (regular or occasional), etc.