Quality of services and customer satisfaction

“There is no point in delivering on time if you don’t deliver the goods intact and in the right amount. “

Philippe Renier, Transportation expert


The dispatcher, the recipient, and your customers evaluate your transportation services on two main criteria:

  • Meeting deadlines. There is no more stock, it has been transferred to the roads in your semi-trailers. Your customers are therefore particularly demanding in terms of deadlines.
  • Rate of disputes. Damaged or missing goods are the responsibility of the haulier and strongly affect the dispatcher/recipient relationship.

Other criteria can be used to ascertain the quality of a haulier: the relationship with the drivers, the condition of the equipment, compliance with regulations, “green compliance”, etc.


Prevent delaysWith EFFITRAILER™ you have everything you need to improve your customer relations:

  • You have better proximity and reactivity, you locate the closest loading equipment that is immediately available, improving your response times.
  • You have improved availability, your trailers are always ready and serviced as maintenance is anticipated.
  • Your reliability will improve, less breakdowns ensure you deliver on time,
  • You stand out from the competition. You know when a trailer is in the customer’s zone, when it arrives or leaves. You provide the right response without delay. And if you do have a delay, whatever the cause (breakdown, traffic incident) you can warn your customer and indicate an arrival time.
  • You have the data needed to persuade your customers, you can work with them to define exactly what is necessary and be more competitive.
  • You ensure improved safety, monitor the trailer and the goods, the journey is tracked and the trailers are geolocated. Even if a subcontractor transports the goods, your trailers and their cargo are supervised.