Optimise your business with the monthly reports and guidance from the Michelin solutions logistics analyst.

Accompany your real time capacities with long term data analysis to maximise your expenses and haulage plans.


The EFFITRAILER™ reports are simple and accessible, you only need 5 minutes to get all the information you need. The reports prepared by the EFFITRAILER™ logistics analyst highlight key information, trends and any changes. Not a mass of complex data, but instead your key figures and a very clear overview of the results of the actions carried out. You manage your semi-trailers more efficiently and more productively.

With EFFITRAILER™ you are in control and you can maximise your operations.

In the monthly reports, different performance indicators are analysed:

  • The average usage rate that highlights the productivity of your semi-trailer fleet,
  • The daily and monthly mileage of each trailer,
  • Lists of the least used semi-trailers,
  • The places where downtime is the longest,
  • Pressure events and their resolution rate,
  • The results of the commitment to reduce breakdowns related to tyres,
  • Security and maintenance indicators (braking analysis, information on the use of EBS, etc.)
  • The % of mileage with a load


Michelinsolutions_accompagnement_log_analysit - enThe logistics experts and dedicated team

The logistics analyst position was designed especially to better serve your fleet. Using the EFFITRAILER™ telematics, this expert monitors all the parameters of your semi-trailers, analyses the transport flows, determines any possible improvements and suggests an adapted action plan.

We check that the telematics equipment is working correctly and provide monthly and quarterly reports, giving you full visibility of your expenses so you can constantly improve.

You can concentrate on your main business, as the quality of the data is checked by our logistics analyst.