EFFITRAILER™, how does it work?

In order to make the greatest possible contribution to your semi-trailer management optimisation plan and guarantee results, we have developed three major steps.


Step 1: Meeting your need.

MICHELIN® solutions performs a diagnostic test with your teams at your site to become familiar with your fleet. We offer you a solution tailored to your needs that can be adapted if they change.


Step 2: Connect the semi-trailers to give you access to the information.

MICHELIN® solutions connects your semi-trailers and all of their tyres. Michelin solutions trains your operators to use the real time portal, or even to install units and TPMS and provides you with reports and analyses with an action plan… You will start to see results.


Step 3: Supporting you in the long run.

MICHELIN® solutions commits to working on ways to increase your semi-trailer usage rate and on the results to reduce the number of breakdowns due to tyres. You have access to a customisable alerts system, the real time monitoring portal and reports for long-term optimisation. You meet up periodically with the MICHELIN® solutions team for a management-oriented discussion of the action plan’s progress.