EFFITIRES™ from MICHELIN® solutions

The outsourced solution for managing tyre expenditure. Now to include a fuel savings guarantee.
By signing up for EFFITIRES™, you:

  • Get access to the very best outsourced tyre budget management.

    We guarantee the best tyres on the market combined with high quality service, a tyre management harmonised with you in mind, wherever you go.

  • Receive support from an experienced team, your single point of contact.

    The team provides everyday operating excellence, streamlined procedures, optimised use of resources and uncompromising safety. We give you peace of mind, so you can get back to business.

  • Keep tyre expenditures under control

    Your budget becomes effortlessly manageable, ready to be directly figured into your transport costs.
    You are in the driver’s seat, and we provide the management tools.

  • Massively cut down on overall costs link to tyres.

    With outsourcing, you simplify the multiple tasks related to the tyre management. You optimize resources, you gain in productivity. In short you save time and flexibility for your business.

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Mr. Best is our test case. He has a fleet with 200 trucks and 300 trailers. With EFFITIRES™, he saves £25 000 each year. In other words £125 per vehicle. Most importantly, he has reined in tyre expenditures.

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