EFFIFUEL™ from MICHELIN® solutions

The solution for reducing and managing your fleet's fuel consumption.
Contractually guaranteed.
By signing up for EFFIFUEL™, you:

  • Increase profits by reducing your average fuel consumption.

    Fuel makes up 30 to 40% of operating costs, meaning lower consumption and extra breathing room for your company.  Potential doubling of per-vehicle profits.

  • Cut way down on your project's risks.

    MICHELIN® solutions makes a contractual commitment; if your targets are not met, we offer you a refund in proportion to the expenses incurred.

  • Improve your visibility and control over the parameters determining consumption.

    You are in the driver’s seat, and we provide management tools, advice and an Action Plan.

  • You have a qualified team watching your back, your contact point for all fuel consumption-related tasks.

    The team performs key operations so you can concentrate on managing your core business.  We give you access to the best technology and everything you need to maximise your profits.   That is our commitment to you.

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Mr. Best is our test case.  He has a fleet of 200 trucks and 200 trailers.  With EFFIFUEL™ he saves £228,000 each year. or £1,140 per truck.
He travels 120,000km per year on average and spends £0.9/L on fuel.

*fuel consumption reduction follows a ramp up to reach 2,0L/100km

Based on £1.460 of net margin/truck/year European average without EFFIFUEL™


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